We are pleased to announce that AMHOCN has updated the following applications to include the latest and most accurate data for the 2016-2017 financial year:

The Web Decision Support Tool has been updated with the following new functionality:

Comparing NOCC Measures

You can now compare different consumer attributes on the same measure as well as different consumer attributes between measures. Multiple queries can then be displayed on the same screen. For example, you might be interested in how adult consumers compare on their HoNOS and K-10+ scores from admission to discharge in ambulatory services. Generate the HoNOS chart by selecting from the relevant wDST query fields. Then click on “Add query”. Select similar fields for the K-10+. You will then see the charts appear next to each other – providing a graphical representation of change.

Note that access to and information pertaining to AMHOCN data products is available via the Data Portal.