The public mental health organsations in all Australian States and Territories collect the results of mental health measures. Data files from the States and Territories are transferred to Logicly through the Online Validator, which validates the data files according to the rules prescribed by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

Submitted files are reviewed by the AMHOCN Analysis and Reporting component before being accepted and loaded into the Data Warehouse. Once in the Data Warehouse the data is further filtered and grouped into Collection Occasions and Episodes of Care.

Processed data is extracted from the Data Warehouse on an as needs basis for the AMHOCN Analysis and Reporting component.

In order to preserve the privacy of individual clients, information in the Data Warehouse is not made publicly available, however, upon approval by the Department of Health, access to data stored in the Data Warehouse can be granted to approved researchers. Please send an email to to request access.